Tommy Fleming - The Contender (CD)

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Tommy Fleming
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Hailing from County Sligo, in the west of Ireland, flame-haired singer Tommy Fleming took the roundabout route to international stardom. He spent much of the 1990s as the on-stage mouthpiece for Irish musical institutions Phil Coulter and De Dannan before establishing himself as a solo artist of repute in the latter part of the decade. Fleming has found greatest success interpreting traditional Irish music with his forceful and dynamic bel canto tenor.
On the Contender Tommy performs a selection of Irish classics, incorporating old and new ballads.


1) The Contender
2) Hard Times
3) Only Our Rivers Run Free
4) Lift The Wings
5) The Highest Point
6) Danny Boy
7) The Meeting Of The Waters
8) Old Clothes (Duet with John Hurley)
9) The Quest
10) Black Is The Colour
11) Galway Boy
12) A Dance As Old As Tears
13) The Water is Wide


(No reviews yet) Write a Review