Paul Kelly - Rivers And Rain (2 LP VINYL ALBUM)

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Paul Kelly
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Paul Kelly - Rivers And Rain (2 LP VINYL ALBUM)

Rivers and Rain is second in a series of themed compilations from Australian music icon Paul Kelly.

Paul has personally curated 21 tracks from his vast catalogue exploring the theme of Rivers and Rain. “When I’m traveling and visiting new cities I always look for the water, be it a river, a lake, a canal, the sea or a swimming pool. If I were to make a compilation of all my ‘water’ songs the track list would be overflowing! So for the second instalment in this themed series, I’ve decided to narrow the channel to Rivers and Rain.” The compilation also includes one new song.

“Northern Rivers, recorded last year and previously unreleased, is a love song set in contrasting landscapes” Rivers and Rain is another project testament to Paul Kelly’s five decades as one of the greatest songwriters in Australia.


1 Northern Rivers
2 Letter In The Rain
3 The River Song
4 When A Woman Loves A Man
5 Petrichor
6 Pretty Bird Tree
1 Morning Storm
2 Smells Like Rain
3 Summer Rain
4 Pastures Of Plenty
5 Everything's Turning To White
1 Midnight Rain
2 Life Is Fine
3 Pretty Place
4 Love Never Runs On Time
5 I Close My Eyes And Think Of You
1 Hasn't It Rained
2 Smoke Under The Bridge
3 Gathering Storm
4 Moon River - Live with Neil Finn
5 Maralinga (rainy land)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review